San Andreas Roleplay

Welcome, to the official website of SARP. We are a group which involves the use of police force (San Andreas Highway Patrol, Blaine County Sheriffs Office, Los Santos PD and Sandy Shores PD) all used accordingly to roleplay locations. We are strong on serious roleplays and have little restrictions for the civilians to create interesting and different scenarios. The civilian group can offer a simple job at the local 24/7 or a drug transportation you are not limited to play as the same character like other groups and new ideas are implemented each week!

We also have a CAD/MDT which enhances our way of playing and organizes our sessions.

Unlike any other group we have roleplays any part of the day for players from Europe, the United States, and other areas!

We have a way of operations which makes our roleplays efficient and unique for everyone - and we gather suggestions from our members in order to create a better experience for everyone. Joining is easy and only takes 1-3 days and after that, the application process is swift and you are informed of your progress constantly.

The recruitment server is using discord - to join and ask questions head over to here: DISCORD. You can find any information on the website or if it's not specified there, head over to the discord - the staff members will help you out there.

Thanks, PR Department of SARP